Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Houston, TX

Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Houston, TX

These days, it seems like every Houston neighborhood has an HOA. Does this rise in HOAs reflect the average homeowner's desire to live in an HOA community?

A recent survey found that less than half of homeowners in HOA communities are happy with their association. This means the odds are high that at least some of your members wish things were going differently.

Hiring a community association manager can get things back on track while taking some responsibilities off your plate. What does a Houston community association manager do? Read on to find out.

Community Relations

It's important to find a great cultural fit when choosing your community association manager. One of their primary roles is to act as a liaison between the board and members, fostering positive community relations. Community association manager responsibilities include:

  • Sharing updated information
  • Enforcing HOA bylaws
  • Handling community disputes
  • Scheduling HOA meetings
  • Planning community events

Association managers can bring fresh ideas and a new approach to the neighborhood, improving overall member satisfaction.

Legal Compliance

HOA boards are made up of community members, most of whom have other jobs and obligations. When your HOA operations aren't your full-time job, it's not always easy to keep up with changing HOA laws. For example, you may not realize that a new law went into effect this year, altering the process of charging HOA fines.

A community association manager does live in the world of HOA laws and regulations full-time. With their help and oversight, you can prevent legal issues from arising due to accidental oversight.

Better Accounting

One of the biggest frustrations HOA community members express has to do with money. HOAs rely on monthly or annual dues to keep operations afloat. However, they may charge more than the community sees fit or struggle to manage funds reliably.

A community association manager will bring a new, updated approach to your HOA accounting. This includes everything from collecting overdue fines and preventing HOA liens to putting funds to better use to filing taxes.

Maintenance Coordination

An HOA's primary purpose is to improve and maintain communal areas in the neighborhood. This may include parks, playgrounds, pools, exercise facilities, and clubhouses.

If your communal areas have fallen into disarray, a community association manager will get things back on track. Not only will they coordinate maintenance with reliable, low-cost contractors and vendors, but they'll take preventative measures to keep all amenities in working order.

Talk to a Houston Community Association Manager Today

Houston homeowners are no strangers to HOAs, and not everyone is happy about that. If you need to repair your HOA image or simply want to make your HOA the best it can be, it's time to hire a community association manager.

PMI Bayou City is one of the only local companies to give 100% of our energy and resources to community association management. We know that the role of a community association manager is to reflect the needs and culture of a neighborhood. Contact us to find out how our services will empower your community.