Rentals in an HOA Community: Dos and Don'ts for Boards

Rentals in an HOA Community: Dos and Don'ts for Boards

We all want a haven from the stress of a hectic working life. It's why HOA communities remain popular. They promise a peaceful escape, a retreat to call home, and a neighborhood where you can form lifelong friendships.

If you oversee a HOA, you have the challenge of making that vision a reality for your residents. To help you achieve that, read on for some helpful dos and don'ts about rentals in an HOA community.

Do Make Policies Clear for Homeowners

Rental issues can sometimes arise because of confusion or miscommunication.

You can prevent this by reviewing your policies for clarity. For example, if homeowners wish to rent their properties, you can outline expectations and HOA rules they should follow.

That might include things like tenant behavior and rental restrictions.

Establishing this from the start means everyone understands their responsibilities, and there is less chance of a dispute. It's a helpful way to foster a more peaceful community.

Don't Forget About Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is one of the most important things you can do to protect your community and properties. It's a background check that will tell you a lot about the trustworthiness and reliability of any potential tenant.

Skipping this could lead to a higher likelihood of issues, such as potential evictions and messy court cases.

Use a formal screening service for any tenants. It's more efficient and likely to be more comprehensive.

Do Put Communication First

Ongoing communication with homeowners and tenants can stop many issues from snowballing. As a HOA, it's your job to manage communication, so put several steps in place.

First, have regular meetings with the community to talk through concerns. Airing issues can often resolve many of the minor ones.

Second, create a newsletter to inform residents about significant changes, like new tenant rules. Third, make sure you have a single point of contact for tenants.

Don't Ignore Potential Issues

Sometimes, if you spot a minor issue in your community, it's tempting to do nothing and hope the problem disappears.

That is a mistake. Always be proactive and address things immediately. For example, perhaps a tenant makes a minor but unauthorized modification to a property.

If you don't address this, despite the seemingly minor nature of the issue, it could cause resentment among other residents.

Do Schedule Property Inspections

Inspections aren't there only to check whether rules are broken. They are also important ways to maintain properties. So, make sure you have an organized schedule for your rental inspections.

Keep a checklist available so you are consistent about the items you inspect every visit. Always give a tenant plenty of notice before you inspect their property.

Rentals in an HOA Community: Handling Them Professionally

If you have rentals in a HOA community, following a few dos and don'ts will keep things running smoothly.

Getting professional help with your HOA board can also provide the guidance you need to manage rentals.

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