The Dos and Don'ts of HOA Holiday Decorating

The Dos and Don'ts of HOA Holiday Decorating

The new HOA rules in Texas require diligent enforcement of all HOA policies. This includes regulating HOA holiday decorating. You must clarify what's allowed this Christmas to ensure your HOA board members can hold residents accountable.

Although HOA restrictions may seem to curtail your decorating creativity, you should still feel inspired to get into the holiday spirit. After all, decor adds a festive atmosphere and encourages community involvement. It allows residents to come together.

Still, having guidelines for these decorations protects HOA home values and ensures compliance with safety standards. Let's explore some ways to make your holiday decorating fun and within HOA rules.

Do Mention Approved Decorations

To ensure everyone feels welcome and respected, recommend non-religious or inclusive decorations. Consider incorporating elements that celebrate the season without affiliating with specific traditions. For example, Christmas trees and poinsettias are widely accepted as neutral symbols of the holiday season.

State which decorations are acceptable in a newsletter or HOA meeting. Just be sure there's a record of the HOA rules so residents can verify what's permissible.

Do Create a Cohesive Palette or Theme

A limited color scheme brings a harmonious touch to your HOA property. The colors you choose to work with should reflect the holiday spirit. Red, green, and gold are popular choices for Hanukkah or Christmas in Texas.

Permit a few complimentary colors so your community can experiment. Green's complementary colors include red and red-violet, for example.

If color palettes seem too restrictive, having a theme is a more flexible option. You might have a theme that focuses on hope or togetherness. Alternatively, your neighbors might like a more seasonal-specific theme, like snowflakes and gingerbread houses.

Don't Allow Residents to Decorate Early

Some residents may be tempted to adorn their homes as soon as the weather turns cold. This can be problematic for those who don't like holiday decorations and prefer not to see them until December.

To avoid this, set a deadline for when residents can begin decorating and stick to it. Some people say it's best to begin decorating for the holidays in mid-November. However, an HOA management company would be able to advise you on specific date ranges based on its database of activity levels.

Don't Neglect Safety

All decorations should be safe for residents and their pets. If you allow holiday lights, be sure they're not too close to the ground or hanging from trees. If residents have large inflatables, like Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman, have strict guidelines on how to secure them so they won't blow away in high winds.

Also, enforce rules about where decorations can be placed. They shouldn't block windows or doors so residents can see out of their homes.

Making HOA Holiday Decorating Easy

HOA holiday decorating is easier when you have a color palette and clear guidelines. Most importantly, communicate with residents so they know when to decorate and what's allowed.

If you want to simplify this process, PMI Bayou City is your go-to resource for HOAs in Texas. We have over 10 years of property management experience. Reach out to us today to discover the joy of stress-free holiday decorating.